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Adaptive Compliant Robot Control with Failure Recovery for Object Press-Fitting

  • Loading of shipping containers for dairy products often includes a press-fit task, which involves manually stacking milk cartons in a container without using pallets or packaging. Automating this task with a mobile manipulator can reduce worker strain, and also enhance the efficiency and safety of the container loading process. This paper proposes an approach called Adaptive Compliant Control with Integrated Failure Recovery (ACCIFR), which enables a mobile manipulator to reliably perform the press-fit task. We base the approach on a demonstration learning-based compliant control framework, such that we integrate a monitoring and failure recovery mechanism for successful task execution. Concretely, we monitor the execution through distance and force feedback, detect collisions while the robot is performing the press-fit task, and use wrench measurements to classify the direction of collision; this information informs the subsequent recovery process. We evaluate the method on a miniature container setup, considering variations in the (i) starting position of the end effector, (ii) goal configuration, and (iii) object grasping position. The results demonstrate that the proposed approach outperforms the baseline demonstration-based learning framework regarding adaptability to environmental variations and the ability to recover from collision failures, making it a promising solution for practical press-fit applications.

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Document Type:Preprint
Author:Ekansh Sharma, Christoph Henke, Alex Mitrevski, Paul G. Plöger
ArXiv Id:http://arxiv.org/abs/2307.08274
Date of first publication:2023/07/17
Publication status:Accepted for publication at the 11th European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR 2023)
Funding:This work was conducted at the Institute for Business Cybernetics e.V as part of the MASON project (https://mason-projekt.de/), which is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action under the funding IGF-Project no. 22403. The work was also supported by the b-it foundation.
Departments, institutes and facilities:Fachbereich Informatik
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC):0 Informatik, Informationswissenschaft, allgemeine Werke / 00 Informatik, Wissen, Systeme / 004 Datenverarbeitung; Informatik
Entry in this database:2023/07/25