Hints for searching

Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT

When you use the Simple Search, all terms are combined by AND automatically. For a more tightly focused search you may use the Boolean Operators to combine different search terms.

AND: The document has to contain all search terms.

OR: The document has to contain one of the search terms. This function broadens your search and is recommended, when there are different terms for the same meaning.

article OR paper

NOT: This function works excluding and might be useful to reduce a large result list: Documents, which contain the one term, may not contain the other.

article NOT paper
The Boolean Operators work for the Advanced Search as well. You may use them to combine different search terms within one search field. For example, to search for documents of the author "Doe" in the years 2002 or 2003, use the query:
Author: Doe
Year: 2002 OR 2003


In the field 'Search:', you may use the symbols '*' and '?' as wildcards. Use them in place of a character or characters that are unknown or that may differ. You cannot use them in front of a word or search string.

Example 1: chemi* finds chemical but also chemistry or chemist.
Example 2: licen?e finds licence and license.

You may use double quotes (") to search for phrases.

I have some more questions - whom shall I contact?

The Publication Server of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences is a service of the Library.

You will find more information about this service on our website.

You can contact us per e-mail:

How do I publish my work here?

Please click on the publication link on the start page.
First you are requested to choose a document type. Right beneath that you can upload your document files. Having done so you may click on "send". Next you have to fill in data about your publication (so called metadata), which is used to describe your work in catalouges and other bibliographic directories. Describe the document you want to upload using the categories and fields on the publication form. Depending on the document type, some of these fields are mandatory* and therefore have to be filled in. Please describe your document as clear as possible. Mandatory fields are for example:

  • the document type (must be choosen from a list)
  • the language of the document (must be choosen from a list)
  • the title of your publication
  • the abstract of the document
  • the licence, under which you want to publish your document (must be choosen from a list)
If you are unsure what to fill in certain form fields, you can use the field "Notes" at the end of the form.
After you have finished the form, all data will be displayed once again for a check-up and you have the possibility to correct them if necessary.

Please note:
In oder to use the publicationform cookies have to be enabled in your web browser.

What's metadata?
Metadata can be defined as
  • data describing one or more ressources
  • or as
  • data associated with an object and describing it
Basically metadata is describing documents, objects or services and contains information about their content, structure or form. More abstractly metadata is a description of data or "data about data". Bibliographic data sets and catalog entries in library catalogs can be seen as a kind of metadata.

This repository is using metadata in the Dublin Core Metedata Element Set (short Dublin Core (DC)) which has fifteen basic elements. Dublin Core is the result of international efforts to reach a collective consensus in describing electronic objects (in the broadest sense). The Library of Congress (LoC), the Online Cataloging Library Center (OCLC) and several national libraries are dealing with Dublin Core in many projects and are close to introduce the system respectively.

What should I do before publishing?

Documents on the publication server are usually published in PDF format. To ensure the long-term preservation the document should be saved in the standardized barrier-free PDF/A format. PDF/A is an international standard designed for archiving documents.

You can save documents as PDF/A with most word processors, for example:

  • Microsoft Word (version 2007, Service Pack 2): Save as PDF, choose "Options" and check "ISO-19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)".
  • file, export, General: put a tick next to 'PDF/A-1'.
  • LaTeX: You can create PDF/A documents with pdfTeX.

Please select only the letters A - Z, digits 0 - 9, and the underscore for the filename of the document (no umlauts, accents, special characters or spaces). Choose a meaningful, short name for your file and make sure that the document properties include full title and author information.

In this case, please check whether and on what terms your contract with the Publisher provided a second publication. Many publishers allow a parallel or second publication under certain conditions according to the principle of Open Access.
The project SHERPA/RoMEO lists the most publishers and their default policies to parallel publications, but other agreements can be made in individual cases.

Authors can choose which terms of use must be regarded for their publication. These terms are defined in a license. This repository supports Creative Commons Licenses from which you can choose.

By uploading a full text publication to the publication server the authors grant a simple (non-exclusive) right of use to University and Bonn-Rhein-Sieg district library. The library has the right to store the submitted documents electronically and make it publicly available in data networks. The right of the author(s) to publish their document otherwise remains unaffected.

The library passes all collected metadata to other libraries, databases and search engines, to increase visibility and searchability of the publications.

If necessary the library passes the full text publication to the German national library and other special libraries to meet the legal deposit law and guarantee the long-term archiving of the document.

If none of the available Creative Commons Licenses is selected by the author(s), German copyright law applies.

Please print out the completed consent form, sign it and send it to the library.

Declaration of consent for a digital publication (PDF, german/ english)


On behalf of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, the Library operates this repository as a service for all members of the university.

This document server is based on the repository software OPUS4. OPUS is documented here:

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More Information about this service:

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